Hijab in Islam and other religions

Half of the non muslim have objection over the hijab of muslim women because in accordance to their thinking, they are always being forced to put it on. Whether their men or religion but it is never a choice made by them.

Where their religion has only obliged it as it has obliged other things. And every religion has obligations and if one doesn’t follow his/her religion, they will be punished.

So the punish for not wearing hijab and not considering it as a part of their religion, must not be given the name of oppression.

Hijab is never a choice made by them but it is their Lord’s command which they are fulfilling considering it their duty as a good/practising follower of their religion (and not only muslim) because:

Hijab isn’t a part of Islam only. It has a lot more to do with other religions as well and it has been proved by some of the below mentioned verses from the Holy books of different religions. But first,


Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed (molested or insulted)…” (Quran 33:59)
Also it has been mentioned,
show their adornments beyond what [it is acceptable] to reveal; they should let their cloaks cover their bosoms and not reveal their adornments except to their husbands, their fathers…[and other male members of the household]” [24:31].


God made you women , so that you shall lower your gaze , do not look at men , keep your Feet close cover you hear and should not disclose the garment , which should conceal with the veil”
[Rig Veda Book 8 Hymn 33 Mantra 19-20]


Corinthians 11:5, says that “Every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonours her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved.”


In Genesis we read that, And Rafaqheh raised his eyes and saw Isaac who has landed his camel. She asked his servant: ”who is the man in the desert who comes to meet us?”
”He is my lord.”, answered the servant. Then Rafaqheh covered herself.


07 must have food items of Karachi.

If you ever had a chance to visit this beautiful city of lights, do not forget to taste these 07 mouthwatering food items.

Karachi, the city of lights is known best for the number of different food items coming from different cultures and regions. The number of food items mostly eaten here is almost impossible to count because they serve dishes that belong to different cultures (like Chinese food, Afghani, italian, Mexican food etc), and what’s even surprising to know is that the people of city enjoy and eat them the most. The people of Pakistan visit Karachi either to enjoy their visit to the beach or the tomb of the founder of the country (Muhammed Ali Jinnah), or either to taste the delicious food of this city. The colours of love added to these food items makes them even mouth watering and delicious.

This city has got a huge variety of food items yet still there are some best that tops the list. So here is the list of 07 awsome food items that must be tasted by every foodie if they ever visit this beautiful city of lights. 

1# Steak – Kababjees


Kababjees serves the best steak with beautiful aroma of it. It is the most enjoyed dish of this restaurant. The best part of having this meal is it’s beautiful shape. It gives the dish more deliciousness! 

2# BBQ food – Kolachi

Kolachi is known the best when it comes to BBQ food. A part of its menu is a beautiful world of BBQ food consisting of various dishes.

3# Pasta – Sajjad Restaurant

The delicious cheesy pasta of Sajjad is one of the best food item of the restaurant. It worths a try. 

4# Prawn rice – Kay bee’s

Kaybees menu consists of the best Chinese food items of which prawn rice are one of the most amazing. The delicious prawns on the rice, makes the dish even delicious. 

5# Peri Bites – Nando’s

Nando’s when comes to serve food then serves the best! The amazing peri bites consists of delicious food things inside the green chillies. And after being fried, it looks even overwhelming. 

6# Katakat – Noorani Restaurant

Noorani restaurant is one of the best for variety of Kababs, BBQ food and other food items also. But no one can beat it when it comes to a mouthwatering Katakat. Its katakat is a combination of different parts of cow and the masala added to it, makes it more delicious.

7# Namkeen Boti – Al asif 

The last and the best! Al-harmain restaurant of Al-Asif square serves the best Afghani food. The restaurant is widely known in Karachi for its Namkeen boti and also the Kabuli Pulao that it serves. But coming back to those delicious juicy botis, the charbi in between the botis makes it more mouthwatering! 

Since that day ..

Since that day when I started putting it on.

Since the day I started to put in, I felt as if I stepped into a whole new world. I saw my old self saying bye to me and I felt so peaceful when I saw myself this close and near to Allah. 

I used to define it with a sign of oppression and called all the women oppressed who put it on. But I never knew the value of this piece of cloth until my heart pushed me towards it and  I finally decided to put it on. There was someone who firmly supported me for this and also my family motivated me for putting it on.

So since that day I have never felt oppress or someone with unequal rights. Instead I found how precious am I to Allah and Islam. How do my religion value me and my rights. How do they want me to keep myself hidden from temporary world full of temporary luxuries. 

I had to face less evil eyes since that day. And my soul was satisfied with my hijab on and unsatisfied with it off. I was among those who only show what they choose to. And among those who were different from all. I added my name in the list of people who love their creator more and their desires less!

A blessed muslimah,



Alone when I sit there.

I have seen people asking me why are you sitting alone? What are you doing here alone? Where are your friends? They might find me lonely or sad, may be without any partner or mate. But the truth is that the most peaceful and stress relieving time of the day is when I sit alone enjoying my own company. Talking to myself and discussing life with this girl. Trying to speak out comforting words and helping her out through her problems. I try to know and understand her more and enquire about her fears. Ask her about her day and wish her good luck.

The time of the day when you sit alone is the most precious time you can gift yourself. Spending your whole day at work or other activities, being surrounded by other people. Surround yourself with YOUR soul to know yourself better. Listen to your own problems and fix them.

Give yourself time! 


To the souls that are lost and broken, sad and lonely, empty and silent. All that you are going through has an end and all that you have survived had a reason. Be patient for all this was written for you. And the time you have been surviving, it made you strong and stronger by the time you decided to face it fearlessly.  And it had something in it meant to learned by you. Look back to the times you were sad and find what you learned. And search for the lessons to be learned in this time of hardship or adversity. And have faith in your Lord that he will never burden your soul more than you can bear it. 

So if you choose to have faith in your Lord, you choose to repair all your damage parts, you choose to heal your scars and stop touching it. Don’t depend on people to heal them, be your own saviour, be your own medicine, be your own best friend and be your own lover. Put back your pieces together and pack your heart again.



What’s the least we did to spread peace and love in the world, unite people or bring them back to a happy and respectful llifestyle?

Beginning with ourselves and moving onto others. Let’s contribute a little to make this place a peaceful one to live in. By words, actions and voice!

Spreading the words that grow with the fragrance of peace! 

I will do it with my actions and words, amd you?

The least we can do is to start with ourselves and learn to be patient at every stage and adversity. Standing against wrong and supporting eachother. Learning from others and teaching you family the same. Spreading positive words by writing speaking. Connecting with people and understanding their perspectives. Helping eachother and speaking kind words.

Hoping to make this world a beautiful place to live.