Little Girl – CRYSTAL

Here is the combination of words which breathe live into souls that are empty. Here I share with you the voice of her heart for all those suffering and surviving!

Little girl,
It’s time to take a break
From giving away all the love
And let go of all the ache. .

Give yourself some time
And don’t you dare at all weep
I know you think that your burdens are yours
And only yours to keep .

But I am here to help you out
Cause that’s what sisters do
Trust me I know how it feels
I’ve been there too

But know that the dark will end soon
And sunshine will take its place
Just don’t let your kindness go away
Till then, maybe enjoy the moon? .

– Crystal Gill

She said,

I am a writer struggling to survive in this world. Trying to become a better human and trying to reach and help y’all out through my writings. And if I succeed even a bit in making anyone of you feel better then please let me know.

You can follow her on instagram @spilting_ink to keep connected to her small world of love, peace and vulnerability.

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