Indian dramas to be banned

Protest to ban Indian dramas on Pakistani Television.

The Indian drama industry is considered as worse as good as the Indian film industry is. Other than Indians themselves, there are many Pakistanis who love Indian dramas and also there are some who find them senseless.

In front of Supreme Court of Pakistan, on Saturday – 12th of May, Pakistani film and drama celebrities protested to ban the Indian dramas on Pakistani channels.

Stars like Faisal Qureshi, Adnan Siddiqui, Aijaz Aslam and many others were included in the protesters.

12 thoughts on “Indian dramas to be banned”

  1. In A Country With Entire Vision To Invade It’s Neighbor,Can Think Like That Because These Elites and Litrates Have Only Studied One Book and Have Only one Job That’s Planning To Visiting Their Neighbor….. Hahahaha That’s Funny I Mean The Way You are Defending This Shit, That’s Amazing, Whether You people Speak in English,Punjabi Urdu or Pashto You Have The Same Kind Of Religious Fanatical Thoughts In Your Sub Concious

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    1. Ehhh bro you took that to very opposite route. I am not defending it but it’s their own choice. And I wrote just an article, however you thought that I am insulting the Indian drama industry. Plus do you really feel these dramas are worth watching especially dramas such as naagin? You don’t watch them yourself, I know because I find you an intelligent gentleman.

      Also when it comes to banning, first india banned Pakistani shows and channels in India. Was their propaganda the same?

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      1. Looks, First of all I Don’t Watch Tv Serials at all ,But Whole Of The Country is Not Same,Some People Especially Women Like Them,Women are Women wether from India or Pakistan ,They Have The Right To Enjoy, It’s Not about Logics It’s about Emotions and Believe Me Emotions are Far Important than Logic. And Moreover If You Want To Replace Them ,Replace Them With Something Higher,Not With Religious Fanaticism Propoganda. India Had Never Banned any Pakistani Content , Excluding a Show Of Mahira Khan Because It Include Anti-India Content, However We Can’t Watch any Pakistani Channels On are TV Commonly Because The Information Technology Law Of Pakistan and The Treaty Of Shimla,But On The Other Hand You Can watch All of Them I Think, You Can Watch Tiger Shroff To Shahrukh Khan ,Buy We Can’t Think Of Mahira

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      2. I agree to the point that many people especially women like them. Other than that, everyone has their own opinion. I’m sorry if you felt any insult for your country bro. I never meant that, it was just a top I wrote an article on. And also it’s alright to ban Mahira if there is any content in it which insults your nation.

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  2. I’m Sorry To Be Rude But Truth Is Truth Wether You Like it or Not, It’s Not just about Banning Serials or Movies , It’s About Banning everything Which is alive and Replace it With Dead Religion and It’s Fanaticism

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