How long Muslims fast?

How long do muslim around the world fast?

A very happy and a mubarak Ramadan to the Muslim Ummah.

The muslims around the world fast in the holy month of Ramadan. They observe prayers and quit eating/drinking before dawn until after sunset.

The daylight hour changes every year during Ramadan, so people all over the fast for different number of hours.

A few are menntioned below,

Iceland – 20.6 hours

Norway – 19.5 hours

United Kingdom – 18.5 hours

France – 17.1 hours

Canada – 16.7 hours

United States of America – 16 hours

India – 15.2 hours

Pakistan – 15 hours

Bangladesh – 14.7 hours

Malaysia – 13.5 hours

Indonesia – 13 hours

Australia – 11.7 hours

New Zealand – 11.5 hours

– via OnePath Network

• May Allah make it easier for every of his servants.

• May he make our world full of peace, love and brotherhood.

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