Hijab in Islam and other religions

Half of the non muslim have objection over the hijab of muslim women because in accordance to their thinking, they are always being forced to put it on. Whether their men or religion but it is never a choice made by them.

Where their religion has only obliged it as it has obliged other things. And every religion has obligations and if one doesn’t follow his/her religion, they will be punished.

So the punish for not wearing hijab and not considering it as a part of their religion, must not be given the name of oppression.

Hijab is never a choice made by them but it is their Lord’s command which they are fulfilling considering it their duty as a good/practising follower of their religion (and not only muslim) because:

Hijab isn’t a part of Islam only. It has a lot more to do with other religions as well and it has been proved by some of the below mentioned verses from the Holy books of different religions. But first,


Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed (molested or insulted)…” (Quran 33:59)
Also it has been mentioned,
show their adornments beyond what [it is acceptable] to reveal; they should let their cloaks cover their bosoms and not reveal their adornments except to their husbands, their fathers…[and other male members of the household]” [24:31].


God made you women , so that you shall lower your gaze , do not look at men , keep your Feet close cover you hear and should not disclose the garment , which should conceal with the veil”
[Rig Veda Book 8 Hymn 33 Mantra 19-20]


Corinthians 11:5, says that “Every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonours her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved.”


In Genesis we read that, And Rafaqheh raised his eyes and saw Isaac who has landed his camel. She asked his servant: ”who is the man in the desert who comes to meet us?”
”He is my lord.”, answered the servant. Then Rafaqheh covered herself.

32 thoughts on “Hijab in Islam and other religions”

      1. It’s you who consider their God’s command a prison or cage whereas I think that following my God’s teachings will only lead me to a successful destination. And I am following them with my heart and soul, and that’s the biggest freedom!

        Plus I am also not following his teachings blindly but I know that they are perfect and no better rules of life could ever exist. My elders even stopped me from doing many things but I never thought that I am imprisoned by them. Following some rules of life never make you an imprisoned one.

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      2. If a child chooses to jump over a building’s top thinking that he might fly as a spiderman do and his guardian try to stop him and even punish him. Not because the child must lead his life according to them but lead a better life instead.

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      3. Is that where your thinking ends but I wanted to point the mistakes us humans make not our childishness!
        Well that’s something else if you say humans can never make mistakes.


      4. So human make mistakes,But according to you every thing is supervised by God it means that God also make mistakes and also i can prove that God is evil
        Sun creates hotness therefore it’s hot
        God create evil therefore God is evil.
        God is the childish believe which helps few people in Nourishing their ego,it makes them safe and special.Only weak people believe in God, Strong people search for God

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      5. As I said before I am not one of the blind followers of Him. But I searched for Him and I believe that He exists. And the Holy Quran that I have read a hundred times, never made me questioned again about His existence.

        And your piece of evidence to proof God evil is nothing more than story that has been created forcefully by mind who wants to escape the fact of His existence.

        I would suggest you to go with some Holy books. Because everything in this world has a creator so you might as well have one?

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      6. I am sorry but to make correction into my words every creation* has a a creator. And God/Allah is uncreated.

        Say, He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, nor is there to Him any equivalent. [Surah Ikhlaas – Al Quran]

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      7. Haha okay brother. Let’s end it here but I would like to advice you, to go through “all” religions and their teachings. Thanks alot for sharing your thoughts. I really respect and appreciate them!

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      8. Hahahaha, That’s Okay ,I appreciate Your Viewpoint but I just want You to know that all religious practices Must not be followed blindly and We Must not use Psuedo logics to justify them.Otherwise I respect You and your religion as well.I Respect your religion as I respect Mine but at the same time I respect logical abilities as well.Religion is like a mixed bag it contains both sour and sweet fruits ,We are free to choose.Peace be upon You.Hahahahaha

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      9. That’s Great Dear friend and I’m sorry About the first word I used in my First Comment.Lets Study each other’s Religious Viewpoint and then talk for the sake of knowledge.Hope you didn’t have taken it personally. it’s just my ideas that contrast with Yours at some point

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  1. Very nice I appreciate your research kinda on this, well not every body esp Muslims are brave enough to open, well its a duty of a Muslims to clear misconception, stereotypes that prevails now a days…
    I must say to there is no imperical evidence to disapprove the existence of God.
    In the words of prof kiethmore the famous embryologist in a interview once said,
    “In depth of knowledge makes you the believer of God “,
    Thereare certain evidence which many scientists ascertain to existence of one God, while other believes on facts while theoretically it cannot be denied if one believes that.
    Since, self conscious which is the basic scientific evidence can be put forward, God particle, etc .. Big bang theory about who created that nebula.etc etc. .
    The absolute theory.. Etc etc..
    Just shouting without rationalizing or basing it on personal grounds etc does not prove anything rather makes one frenzy, modern day atheits does not belive in moral for them what’s good for them they are entitled to do, being ignorant and cocky and boastful does not help . ..theere are studies published by PhD students about these topics including atheist.. ..
    About the Creator there are lot, debates discussion, Islamically etc on you tube…sheikh Ahmad deedad, yousuf estates, lot of reverts too has discussed these matter on scholarly level.. With evidence and proof, all that is required is bit of research, and The Truth cannot be perished.
    There is a dedicated blog here which deals with these stuffs..
    Called blogging theology
    There everything mostly is dealt with great details.
    So, May God guide us all.

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      1. Are you a student of theology or comparitive religion? Have you studied any holy scripture?.. Like I dunno what to say, you are declaring things all by yourself, you may be more intelligent than me !!
        Whatever my friend, no grudges!!
        I recommend you to go and read blogging theology and discuss with them about God, religion because they have actually studied these, because you seem interested, and dunno about your intentions, if you are sincerely interested you should atleast give it a try !!! Signing off.. Have a great day my friend. ☺️

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      2. I have Studied , logic, Metaphysics, Social and individual psychology and Sociology My Friend and I am also A theist myself,but the logic she has put to justify her internal desires is really harmful,it provides the ideological food for anti Social elements ,You Know what I mean

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      3. From where you have studied?, I do not claim so, but that’s the part of religion.
        If you think practically.. Believing you are theist I must respect your prerogative you must respect others if they chose to follow on their own will.
        There more My friend you follow your way/religion and let others too follow their own religion.

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  2. I so agree with you. I personally think that searching for God is a very good thing to clear all our doubts. But deny Him in just to not follow His rules and in the name of freedom is absolutely wrong. Because this is life and here one must follow the rules wherever they go, whichever religion you belong to or even atheists doesn’t matter.

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  3. Madrassa larkee, you are the typical backwards brainwashed Pakistani girl.
    Hijab is not an Islamic requirement. It is arab culture. The Quran doea nit command women to cover her head.

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    1. Btw bro, I am not a person with hugh temper or someone who gets emotional over some other person’s opinions. So I’d always love to hear from you on such topics and also think over your point of veiws and ideas. Because I always wish to learn more!


    2. Btw bro, I am not a person with high temper or someone who gets emotional over some other person’s opinion. So I’d always love to hear from you on such topics and also think over your point of veiws and ideas. Because I always wish to learn more!


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